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The Story

The Biermenneke is the most popular beer specialty store in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. In this store you will find the largest selection of special beers. Beers that you have never tasted.

In addition to running his pub with a number of specialty beers, the owner thought it was necessary to open an additional store with more than 500+ different specialty beers.

New beers are added daily and Biermenneke has become a well-known figurehead in the city.


“I immediately felt a connection with the logo and the colors”.

The Product

The Biermenneke is born! A big + for the city.

The Biermenneke is a well known term in Nijmegen. Translated into English it is; The (little) Beer Guy. The logo is built in a circle. This visualizes the beer mats at the bar. The man in the middle is the one and only Biermenneke. His beard is made from Hop. An indispensable ingredient in all types of beers. So you can say that he is the beer connoisseur. Just like the owners of Biermenneke.