Simply Delighted



Branding Identity

The Story

Delighted is a organization that provides one of the largest light shows at festivals in the Netherlands.

Perhaps less prominent in the foreground, but behind the scenes the owner of Delighted is busy controlling the various lights and sounds that he produces for stages.

It started as a Hobby which has grown into a big name in this industry. With Delighted you are 100% provided with a good party.


“They really helped me professionalize my business”.

The Product

Delighted is an all-rounder. That must be reflected in the logo.

During the interview it turned out that the moving head is by far the most important lamp in the Delighted arsenal. There were a lot of conversations about the possibilities of the moving head and we also got a small demonstration. At the start of the design, we thought that the moving head had to be reflected in the logo. The moving head really reflects the story of Delighted.