Makelaardij Oude IJssel


Branding Identity

The Story

Makelaardij Oude IJssel is the natural, reliable broker designed in a new jacket.

Makelaardij Oude IJssel is established and managing the brokerage in the east of the Netherlands for years. They have been active in the industry for a long time but they were ready for branding. Therefore, We have them provided with a new name, logo and corporate identity.

Makelaardij Oude IJssel works in the normal conciseness way. Not too difficult and clear language. They are a transparent team and really want to help people to find or sell their home. They have become a big name within the broker branch.


“The visual identity fits our core value. Conciseness“.

The Product

The logo is the most important part of  their identity and the primary visual element that identifies MOIJ.

The logo is made with a monogram style to make the brand active, attractive, distinctive and memorable.

The MOIJ company logo consists of two elements, the logotype and the name. The company name consists of the name of the organization. The symbol stands for the name in monogram style.
The letters “m”, “o” and “ij” are packaged in a brand symbol.

The logotype has been carefully chosen because of its modern yet refined, legible style.

The company logo is presented through the use of color and shape. The two primary
corporate colors are dark blue and green. It is fresh and attractive mix of colors chosen because of their strong combination – modern – classic – timeless.