Branding Identity | App design

The Story

With Mleva you will find the easiest way to go from A to B. Mleva is your personal assistant.

Mleva is an app that integrates all mobility solutions in a single application. Mleva works with artificial intelligence to determine in real time which solution is the most appropriate to reach the users destination in the shortest time and at the best price.

Mleva makes personal solutions to every user, based on their preferences. Mleva is like a personal assistent who keeps with you to make sure that you are always provided by the best mobility solutions. Mleva is made in Mexico City


“I am really happy with the result, he listened good and asked a lot of good questions”.

The Product

The lines visualizes the many directions you can go with Mleva as wel the direction you have to take.

The logo exudes power and modernity. The visuals that reinforce this logo and the visual identity are lines. The line visualizes the different and infinite routes and ways that you can choose with mleva. The line takes you from start to finish and helps you make the best transport choices. Follow the line and your destination will be reached. And that is what Mleva does in the end, being result oriented.
The color palette is based on two primary colors. a high percentage of navy blue and light red will act as the main colors. The secondary color yellow will strengthen the brand awareness of Mleva. The colors fit and will attract the target group of Mleva.
There is also a pictogram created style to fit with the brand identity both in communications and in the app itself.