The Future of Sustainable Desalination



Branding Identity

The Story

Bioforward is a start-up that makes it possible to convert seawater into fresh water.

BioForward is a new concept of sustainable desalination technology able to produce low-energy fresh water for human consumption and/or irrigation. Shortage of fresh water is one of the major challenges for societies all over the world. It is estimated that more than 700 million people worldwide do not have access to enough clean water and the number is expected to rise up to 1.8 billion people in the next decade.

Current desalination technologies are able to produce fresh water, but only if energy (electric or thermal) are readily available in great amounts. BioForward is a new concept of decentralized and low-energy sustainable desalination technology, breaking the water-energy relationship and enabling the possibility of producing low-cost fresh water for human consumption or irrigation use.


“The logo reflect our organization”.

The Product

The steps to fresh water.

The four lines visualize the water desalination process of BioForward. The more steps completed, the cleaner the water. 

By the use of wavy lines it is clear to the target audience that the core concept of BioForward is about water. The symbol is simple and recognizable for the target audience.

BioForward has 4 important steps within the process to get from start to end result. These steps are key in the process and cannot be seen seperatly to achieve the final product; freshwater. Every step is different from the other. These four steps are integrated in the 4 different lines of the Bioforward symbol. 

The colors visualize the core concept of BioForward; Produce low-energy fresh water for human consumption and/or irrigation. There are two primary colors used to visualise this. The two primary colors are dark blue and light blue. These are used in the symbol as a gradient. This symbolizes the process from not pure to pure water. In other words, the low energy used in the process makes the water purer, just like the color.