Gear Up



Branding Identity

The Story

Tribe is an all-round sports brand for everyone and every sport.

Tribe sells quality sportswear that can be individually adapted to your style for everyone. Do you want a pink bag with green printing? No problem, tribe makes it for you. Do you want your own personalized shirt for your entire football team? Same story, they will make it.

Tribe is a start-up that believes in the demand for personalized clothing. In the future you can redesign your own clothing live via their website. Your design is ordered with a few clicks!


“I love how every time the symbol is different, but also the same…”!

The Product

The logo is made to customize the style.

It is possible to apply any color to the logo. The symbol remains the same, but the different colors visualize the customization options of the brand concept. The symbol is a strong and powerful image. The square shape shows that the brand has many corners and therefore many options. You can also rotate the symbol and you still read ‘tribe’. In short, the symbol has endless options, just like adjusting your sportswear at Tribe.