Tu Arrocero

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Tu Arrocero


Branding Identity

The Story

What a time to be alive! Get paella delivered directly to your home.

TuArrocero is a start-up based in Valencia, Spain. Nowadays there are many choices in delivery services. You no longer have to leave your house to get food. Except with paella. This was not possible for a long time.

With the arrival of TuArrocero it is possible to order a large pan of paella from your house, to your house. With a few pushes on a button this will be delivered to your home. Ideal!


“This is exactly what we needed”.

The Product

The symbol is a typical paella pan. This pan is indispensable while creating this dish.

The TuArrocero font is made with organic forms. This is important because the core product is paella. These organic forms are quickly linked to food / drink. The same goes for the colors. Anyone who has ever eaten the classic paella knows that the rice and ingredients have a yellow and green color. These colors have been used to create a recognizable image with the target audience.