Verdieping Vier

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Verdieping Vier


Branding Identity | Webdesign

The Story

Verdieping Vier is a team that works well together and ensures a next level step for your organisation.

Verdieping Vier starts with the story of your organization. Through research, they identify the most important characteristics of the client and the target audience.

They feed this knowledge back to ensure a result that is not only beautiful, but also effective. Verdieping Vier provides branding and social media.


“Every step you get closer to succes”.

The Product

The logo, the colors and the font are all adapted to the story of the organization.

The logo of Verdieping Vier is simple. That is exactly what the team wants to show. Half of the logo is exactly 50% above the other part. In this way, they show the Verdieping Vier process. You go one step higher each time and one step closer to your success. At the end you will reach your goals. The website is user-friendly and well-arranged. To provide the target audience with the required information, many link-through pages have been created. However, these are easy to oversee and it doesn’t look crowded.